Beowulf As An Epic Hero Analysis

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During the Anglo-Saxon period an epic poem, Beowulf, was published; since then many have given him the title “an epic hero.” Throughout Ancient times, the ideal hero is thought to have exceptional quality and character. Beowulf was blessed with the gift of superhuman, meaning he possessed great superhuman strength. But Beowulf goes beyond the expectations of any normal hero: Spiderman, Superman, and Hulk. An epic hero is one who puts society before his own life and will battle till fate decides who wins. A hero’s purpose is to sacrifice his life while trying to aid others. Beowulf sees this as an opportunity to make himself be known; he believes those who have fought should be remembered through time. Throughout Beowulf’s heroic journey, he fought for a loyal cause, he followed the code of honor, and showed courageous bravery. From time to time, Beowulf always showed that he cared for everyone other than himself. When Beowulf hears that the king needed aid to help defeat grendel, he never second guessed his decision. He immediately took action and proceeded to tell his people he would, “go to the famous king, would sail across the sea to Hrothgar, now when help was needed” (Beowulf 113-115). Many people began to look up to him. His loyalty to the royal families began to show his leadership, and “[s]ince Beowulf showed as…show more content…
He aided his king, never caused danger to other, and bravely fought. He never doubted his calling to defeat Grendel because he believed it was in the hands of God. An epic hero is someone who leaves a mark on earth for what good they did, and Beowulf surpassed the normal typical hero. He demolished Grendel with nothing but his hands and asked of nothing in return. But with every victory, there comes a prize. He asked for nothing more than to be remembered, and so with honor, the people of Danes built a tower, in recognition of Beowulf’s pure heroic
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