Beowulf As An Epic Hero Essay

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Beowulf is the longest surviving epic poem, which got translated to different languages hundreds of times. This masterpiece was originally written in Anglo-Saxon language, by an unknown author, somewhere between 8th and 11th centuries, in heroic style. It was written in England, even though the story takes place in Scandinavia. Beowulf is a story of friendship, heroism, support, and allegiance. This book is a faultless example of the hero’s journey, where the main character, an epic hero, Beowulf, meets misfortunes and successes on his way to éclat. In the beginning of the story, Beowulf sails to Danes in order to defeat a man-killing beast, and his mother as we find out later. After accomplishing this mission, the hero sail back to Geatland (Sweden our days) in triumph. Beowulf becomes king and rules his country for fifty years. Later, a dragon gets woken…show more content…
Some of the purposes are religious, and some are educational. One of the purposes for writing Beowulf was to show an example of a flawless hero, of man should be like. Beowulf is brave, loyal to his king, strong, and successful. Same kind of personality for a man will not work in the 21st century, at least because we do not have kings anymore, but definitely the rest of characteristics are considered to be indispensable for a good man. Maybe the author of Beowulf simply wanted to give an example of man’s personality, so everyone would follow it, and would try to be that kind of person. In this case, Beowulf was a propaganda for supporting the ruler, or the king. Because of this propaganda, people were not afraid to fight, kill, or even die for their king. This does not only support the idea, that Beowulf was a belief in old times, but it is a sort of belief in our days. People should be patriotic and loyal to their countries. People should support their president, and they should work in order to help their country’s
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