Beowulf Being A Good Leader Essay

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Being a leader is one of the hardest duties out there, but Beowulf is able to handle it. As a leader, he experienced people looking up to him at all times. To become a good leader, you need some important characteristics. Beowulf teaches us that being a leader involves keeping the promises you make and being a good role model. The first step to becoming a good leader is to accomplish the goals you set. A good leader keeps their followers informed of the goals and make good on these goals; Beowulf accomplishes this. Navigating his way to Grendel, he enters, “boasting he can destroy Grendel with his bare hands” (Post). Fortunately, they are able to slay the monster they set out to capture. Furthermore, Beowulf ensures that his followers “achieve their goals through his own strength” (Loughman). He ensures that his men perform the deeds that need to get completed. He keeps himself “even-tempered, prudent and resolute” (McArthur). Beowulf stays determined in his objectives; he wouldn’t give up. Even when they find out that Grendel’s mom is seeking revenge, he “suits up again” (Post). After all the partying from beating Grendel, Beowulf willingly put his gear back on and sets…show more content…
As a result of Beowulf keeping his intentions in mind, scholars consider him as a strong role model. Scholars depict him as “the very model of the warrior hero” (Loughman). Due to his leadership skills and his confidence, Beowulf’s men easily follow him into the battle . (Loughman). Therefore, he knows that they will achieve the goal they need to. His devotees “willingly go with him” (Loughman). Beowulf “returns home and becomes king” (Post). He then becomes king for 50 years. (Post). The people that live in Beowulf’s kingdom were willing to let him rule the land. Being confident in the things they do can play an important role in leading others. Their followers have to know that the leader has enough certainty that they will accomplish their
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