Beowulf Book Vs Book Analysis

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Many people may have read the poem Beowulf that was written by a anonymously poet in Old English; this book was later on translated by Burton Raffel. This poem captured many people in the old days that eventually lead this to get adapted to the big screen by Robert Zemeckis. People who are into literature like the books better than the movies because they feel like they are more detailed while with the movies they have scenes that are shorten up and do not have the most important parts that we may find interesting. Most movies and books do not often relate to each other and it is rare to ever find a movie that is much more better than the actual book. After watching the movie it has come to understanding that the book and the poem are similar in some ways. They are similar from the way the characters are described to how the scenes are developed. The beginning starts on how Hrothgar is celebrating with his army for the victories they have achieved during battle. All these changes make the poem more preferable since it gives more…show more content…
Some of the differences between grendel’s mother during the movie and the poem is in the movie she is a siren who lures beowulf and Hrothgar in order to keep the evil alive. In the movie it also states on how beowulf lied about killing grendel’s mother. Another thing that is different is beowulf is the father of the fire breathing dragon that almost burns down half the village. All this had happened in the movie. Some of the things that happened in the book are how beowulf dies while being bitten by the dragon. Another thing is how the dragon is not Beowulf’s son and grendel is not Hrothgar’s son. All these little details make a big difference because someone who only read the book and later decides to see the movie they will get confused as to what is going on and how come they never mentioned it in the
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