Beowulf Character Analysis

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The epic Beowulf is about Beowulf, the most heroic man in Anglo-Saxon times. The book was written in Old English and used in the Saxon dialect. I don 't know the author of this book, which was published between 975 and 1025. He was the great hero who killed Grendel, Grendel 's mother and the dragon. He was also an excellent king. Behind Beowulf 's success, there are many women who have helped to advance the story. Most of the women were the king 's wives, only Grendel 's mother was a monster. Unlike other ancient myths, this book is not the main character in many ancient books, and is portrayed as an old wife or little girl. But in this book, they all have an important task -- to have children.
First, Wealhtheow is the wife of Hrothgar. There is a description of her: "wiltrow came out, his queen, and noticed what was right; Golden, she saluted the samurai in the hall; The free woman first provided the Oriental guardian. (p12) she appeared earlier in the book, a very competent queen and wife. She helped the Hrothgar a lot of things and handled them very well. At the same time, she is also interested in diplomacy, and has participated in many celebrations with Hrothgar. Because of such a clever mother, her son was also brave and resourceful. She has a good influence in the book.
Second, Hygd is the Hygelac 's wife, daughter of Hæreth.There is a saying in the book: "I heard that he gave the precious and precious treasure to hygd, the prince 's daughter, who gave it to him,
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