Beowulf: Characteristics Of An Epic Hero

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An epic hero can be described as someone whose actions determine the fate of a tribe, nation, or race. Characteristics of an epic hero are courageous, devoted, loves glory, and loyalty. Beowulf fits each characteristic throughout the epic. He is distinctly known for being a warrior, a friend, and a loving leader. Beowulf is an epic hero because he has pride, loves glory, and a devoted loyalty to his followers and his country. Overtime people have changed and heroes have changed. Along with heroes changing the traits of a hero have changed too. A major trait that has grew is a person’s pride. Their pride is the most important thing to them. A hero has the trait, but as time has passed pride has turned into boasting. Some heroes today boast about being super strong, how many people they have saved, or being attractive. Another trait that has changed is the love of glory. Giving someone glory makes them feel as if they have helped out or done something right. Some heroes fight to just receive the glory; others truly do care about the wellbeing of…show more content…
Through the epic Beowulf grows old in age and admits to his age in canto thirty five line 485 he says “I am old now.” He is not as young as he once was. His body is not as young as it used to be nor is his abilities. He cannot fight like he used, which becomes evident when he goes off the fight the dragon and Grendel’s mother as well. As people become older they become weaker and feebler. Another characteristic Beowulf loses is his spirit. Beowulf has a strong take on life and as the epic goes on Beowulf loses his spirit and take on life. An epic hero has been around for generations and generations. The heroes have changed and the traits have changed along with the hero. Beowulf is and epic hero because he has pride, loves glory, and devoted to loyalty to his followers and country. Beowulf has distinctly showed these traits throughout the entire
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