Beowulf Compare And Contrast Essay

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The poem and movie of “Beowulf” are very different and they are also sort of similar. There are a lot more differences between the two than you would expect and while some of them are minor differences others are drastically different. Most movies are very different from the book they are made from. The biggest differences between the movie and poem were the three battles. The three battles have drastic differences. All three of the battles have great significance to both the movie and the poem. The first battle was against Grendel in both the book and the movie. The way the battle partook in both is extremely different though. In the book Grendel is a giant who feeds on people while they’re asleep. He attacks while they’re asleep that way none of them can fight back. Beowulf…show more content…
He had Wiglaf’s help to kill the dragon in the poem. The dragon starts attacking people when someone stole a treasure from it. Beowulf brings a group of men to help him but the only person who stays is Wiglaf. Beowulf didn’t kill the dragon but he hurt the dragon pretty bad. In the movie the dragon, which is Beowulf’s son, get angry when a slave finds the dragon cup that Beowulf had given Grendel’s mother. In the movie Beowulf and Wiglaf go to face the dragon alone; when they get to the cave Beowulf enters alone the dragon chases them back and there is a bunch of men shooting at it. Beowulf eventually kills the dragon because he found a spot on the throat of the dragon that was told to him by the former king years ago. The movie and the poem of Beowulf had very many differences. There are a lot more differences between the two that you would have thought. Most movies have a few differences between the book and poem they are originated from. The battles in the movie and poem were probably the biggest differences between the two. Both the movie and poem are similar and
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