Beowulf: Compare And Contrast

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Beowulf and Grendel can be compared and contrast in many ways. Beowulf is a prince and more like a hero. Grendel is a monster, he is mean and selfish. They both are strong and very powerful. Also, both of them are a murder. They are different in two other ways, Beowulf is a protector and Grendel is a demon. They are alike in one other way; they both are strong. Beowulf is a protector. He always protects everything he cared about and what he loved. No matter what he would always protect his house and his mother. He loved both of them so dearly. He never gave up on anything he believed in. Beowulf made sure nobody got to neither one of them. Grendel is a very bad demon. He just didn’t care about anything or nobody. One day Grendel was so hungry
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