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Beowulf, a new translated verse by Seamus Heaney, a story about a hero who defeats monsters for his people. A hero has courage when he can fight for others, speak his mind, and conquer any obstacles. This paper is about how Beowulf has courage and uses it to protect others against the dangerous monsters in there kingdom. Beowulf wasn’t one of those people who sent others to do what needs to be done, he did it himself. Beowulf spoke whatever came to mind, especially if it’s important. Beowulf could any obstacle that got in his way. In contrast to Beowulf’s courage he can be very pompous. In a sense he can seem ostentatious or show a display his dignity of higher importance. Presenting himself as someone who is full of himself as a hero Beowulf …show more content…

It also gives an example of when Beowulf speaks his mind like a hero. “…Unferth, if you were as keen or courageous as you claim to be Grendel would never have got away with such unchecked atrocity” (590-593).Beowulf has just been criticized by unferth; as a result Beowulf reaffirms himself against unferth claims. This quote supports my claim by giving a representation of Beowulf speaking his mind no matter what others may think. Beowulf could have easily just ignored the comment or even cower behind the words that were …show more content…

Beowulf explains what had happened while he was in the land of the Danes in an adventurous way. “ myself and Grendel coming to grips on the very spot … losses I avenged so no earthly offspring of grendals need ever boast about before dawn no matter how long the last of his evil family survives ” (2002-2009). I feel that in this quote Beowulf was giving out a warning that no one in grendals family will terrorize people or boast about being evil ever again. Beowulf is boasting about how he left a legacy in the land of the Danes by defeating the monsters Grendel and his

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