Beowulf Epic Heroism Essay

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Beowulf was the first to start epic heroism. He was a superhero who was a helping hand when people need it. There are three parts to this story and three chants they recite. As the warriors went off into battle they chanted these lines. Many people think this is the most important poem in the anglo saxon period and still today. This poem is not only to be studied for but to learn from. Its an inspiring and thrilling that is put together. It will keep you on your toes.

To begin, it all starts with a chant. This poem is about young and old hero.This poem is about a war but also a epic poem. It was a repeated over and over until it was written down. The very first speech was when beowulf went across the seas to ask for rothgard and he wants to help kill the monster Grendel. So he went to go fight the monster, but without any weapons. Beowulf is always a hero, male, and he has to go through a lot of
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The very last that can either break or change beowulf. Beowulf goes against the last monster, but this time he is more older he is closer to death. He goes against the dragon that was stealing gold and Beowulf has to fight. He takes his warriors one of the warrior stays Wiglaf. Without the help of the warrior wiglaf they wouldn’t be able to kill the monsters.The last speech was Beowulf is going to die because he got bitten by the dragon. He told wiglaf that he never killed his own people, stole and lied. He wanted a lighthouse to be remembered. He still wants people to know that he is still around and wants to help people. There was a difference between the young and old version of Beowulf. Still when Beowulf was getting old in the age he was still a hero. He was able to fight the dragon even though he need help from his warriors. When he was old he couldn 't do the same things he would have done when he was younger. He was more physical fit. Its pretty amazing to see that even when he was old he went out to fight a dragon. The most difficult fight he went

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