Beowulf Essay: The Evil Within The Anglo-Saxon Culture

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Beowulf: The Evil within the Anglo-Saxon Culture and the Modern Culture
In the epic Beowulf, the eponymous hero, Beowulf, from Geat land comes to the rescue of Hrothgar, the king of Danes, whose land is being attacked by a malicious massive monster known as Grendel. The eponymous hero succeeds at defeating Grendel, killing him with his bare hands, as a show of his power. The song Demons by Imagine Dragons talks about difficult times and defeating internal evil. The narrator is putting forth a valiant effort to defend someone from suffering from the demon inside of him. The idea of the evil within all of us is demonstrated through the epic Beowulf and the song Demons by Imagine Dragons.
The eponymous hero faces physical evil through his battle
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The post-modern culture is influenced by machinery over community, a society in which verbal and published words are cheap, easy to emanate from, and unnecessary. Fright of God is overlooked of. Darkness and evil surrounds everything else - the only saints are synthetic figures, People are made of self-tolerance. People are usually deviated; they’re beseeching to God to protect them while accepting it 's healthier to drive Him away for their own individual good. Everybody has "demons inside"(Imagine Dragons). They all have dilemmas. They all battle themselves sometimes. The narrator is trying to open eyes to demonstrate that other people actually notice that this world has become crueler over the years. Demons by imagine dragons are universal for everybody to some extent whether that be depression, anxiety, gambling, drug abuse, jealousy, etc. The demons imply things that bring people down physically, mentally, and emotionally. At the end of the day we all have our deepest hidden secrets and feelings. The narrator is trying that what differentiates us is our faith is what keeps us going, and how we deal with our demons and whether we choose to feed into them or not and no matter how hard anybody tries to be as good of a human as they can, there is no way to stop the sin that is waiting to emerge from

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