Beowulf Fire Dragon Analysis

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18) The dragon awakens in anger because a greedy man had “[stolen] a gem-studded cup, and fled”(lines 6-7). Knowing his treasure had been stolen, the fire dragon “swept through the darkness, and all Geatland knew its anger…”(lines 9-10). Beowulf had “accused himself of breaking God’s law, of bringing The Almighty’s anger down on his people”(lines 27-28). He believed it was his fault the fire dragon had come and destroyed his people’s homes as Grendel once did. Beowulf believes The Geats and himself deserve revenge due to the burning of their homes and their luxurious hall. He would “leave this brief life, but would take the dragon with him, tear it from the heaped-up treasure it had guarded so long”(lines 42-44). 19) Before proceeding to his battle with the fire dragon, Beowulf prepared with his armour, his sword, and a shield. He did not need any of this equipment when battling Grendel and his mother, because he knew he had the strength to defeat them without full protection. Beowulf explains, “I feel no shame, with shield and sword and armour, against this monster: when he comes to me I mean to stand, not to run from his shooting”(lines 61-63). He acknowledges the fact that if he wants to be brave and not retreat in battle, he must have the right protection.…show more content…
As the fire dragon approaches him, the iron shield “began to melt, and for the first time in his life that famous prince fought with fate against him, with glory denied him” (lines 110-113). When realizing fate is against him in this battle, a little piece of Beowulf dies. Although, right after his shield begins to melt Beowulf still fights with that power and bravery he has always had since he was young. “He knew it, but he raised his sword and struck at the dragon’s scaly hide” (lines
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