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The epic poem Beowulf was a story told in the anglo saxon time period. A time when people believed in dragons, monsters, and curses. Many stories told by people of this time talked about the good and evil forces there are in the world and what happens when they collide in battle.The hero in this story has sailed from his home to fight this evil being named Grendel, a monster that has become a nuisance in Herot. The description of the hero Beowulf help the reader imagine the savior that faces evil. For example “ The grey bearded lord of the Geats ended those flying burning raids forever” (pg 68 lines 792-794). The imagery in this quote shows the great king old but still very brave. he is showing that his pride and fame will overwhelm even the fact that he is not as strong and young as he used to be. As Beowulf approaches to begin to tussle against the ferocious dragon. He quotes “ Id use no sword, no weapon if this beast can be killed without it…show more content…
In the epic poem “ I am old now but i will fight again, seek fame still” (pg 62 lines 608-609) in this quote it shows that the king does not care about the age he is. he wants to protect his kingdom and his people. he wants to be known as the king that never backed down and wants to be heard all over the land even after he has passed. even though no warrior brave enough comes forward at the beginning to help he still knows what has to be done. Hrothgar is the king of the Danes that has heard much of the great Beowulf and all of his success of defeating the evilness around him. For instance “ The great king of the Danes Commands me to tell you that he knows of your noble birth and have come across the sea bravely”( pg 47 lines 127-130). this shows that word about the hero Beowulf has spread all over the lands about his victories against evil forces and welcomes him into the land of the danes with open

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