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Beowulf The Anglo-Saxon Hero A typical hero is someone who is known to be very powerful and have unusual traits that no human being can withstand. They use their powers as an advantage to fight any crime and to protect humans from the bad. However, a hero can be characterized in two different ways; an epic hero or an Anglo-Saxon hero. A character name Beowulf can be characterized as an Anglo-Saxon hero more so than an epic hero because of his actions. Some criteria of the Anglo-Saxon hero is bravery and generosity. Beowulf shows bravery throughout the book Beowulf. Bravery is a very difficult thing to have because it can be very dangerous, or you could be risking your own life for the good of the people. However, the hero himself did …show more content…

This quotation shows bravery because Beowulf knew the dragon was much more powerful than him, but he took it upon himself to fight the dragon alone and risk his life to protect the people. Beowulf defeated the dragon but also lost his life while fighting for his people. He states, “So God/Gives guidance to those who can find it from no one/Else” (Beowulf 12-14). This quote is saying, how Beowulf will do what others will not do, he’s showing his bravery towards Hrothgar. The other criteria the Anglo-Saxon hero shows is generous. Beowulf defines the trait generosity. This shows you're not being selfish and you care for other people more so than yourself. A good example in the story Beowulf is, “ The people suffered ,everyone/Lived in terror, but when Beowulf had learned/Of their trouble his …show more content…

Beowulf showed the characteristic of loyalty. To be loyal you have to be reliable and you have to be very trustful. Beowulf shows loyalty when he says,“ I sought out Hrothgar, first,came to him in his hall;/When Healfdane's famous son heard/That I’d come to challenge Grendel,he gave me/A seat of honor alongside his son”(Beowulf 322-24). This shows loyalty to Hrothgar because he came to him to tell him he will fight Grendel and kill him, and he wanted to do it alone because he did not want anyone getting hurt. He did it for the safety of his people, and he stayed true to his word and killed Grendel. Beowulf also shows loyalty by the statement, “Beowulf ruled in Geatland/ Took the throne he’d refused,once/And held it long and well” (Beowulf 451-53). This resembled loyalty toward Beowulf because it shows how he stayed true to his word and can be trusted. The last characteristic Beowulf showed as an Anglo-Saxon hero was friendship. Beowulf resembled an enormous amount of friendship throughout the novel Beowulf. An example of friendship that the hero himself showed was, “He gave Herdred/ All his support, offering an open/Heart where Higlac's young son could see/Wisdom he still lacked himself ”(Beowulf 619-21). This is showing friendship by showing him support and helping Hendred like a friend would do. That is how Beowulf has the Anglo-Saxon hero characteristic. Beowulf is not a regular everyday

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