Beowulf Invincible Character Analysis

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The story of Beowulf depicts an invincible character who slowly reveals his mortality as the tale progresses. At the beginning, the reader is introduced to a son of royal blood who was known for his strength and victory in battle. Other than the fame he had gained from whom he descended and the victories he had won, Beowulf was just like everyone else. He had no gift from the Anglo-Saxon Gods, nor was he granted power from a magical sword. A series of three battles allows the reader to understand things about Beowulf that reveal the mortal side of him. The greatest strength Beowulf possessed was his courage and confidence. When he arrived in the land of the Danes, he was willing to give his full services to the Danes in order to free them from the years of trouble they had suffered at the hand of Grendel. At this point in the story, the reader sees the first sign of Beowulf’s invincibility. The way he was welcomed into the kingdom showed the trust the king, Hrothgar, had in Beowulf. However, the reader had not yet seen all that Beowulf was capable of. The first battle Beowulf fought against Grendel was a…show more content…
The reader was taken through a series of battles that demonstrated all of Beowulf’s strengths and character qualities. He was depicted as not only a strong and invincible warrior, but also as a man of strong character. Nonetheless, all of the qualities the author had given to Beowulf throughout the story, meant nothing when it came to his invincibility at the end of the story. One could make the argument that Beowulf’s character was invincible because no matter what he faced, he stayed true to who he was and what he stood for, but as for the idea of his ability to escape mortality, it all disappeared as Beowulf took his final breath laying in the arms of his noble comrade who had come alongside him to defend him in

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