Beowulf Is A Motivating Character In Grendel

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In Grendel the author shows us a very captivating character. Gardner is able to show himself misunderstood, confused yet a very different creature. By showing him this way, the author shows that there are more than 1 side to each story. This makes him be able to familiarize himself to the reader. Grendel has some very monster like qualities, but he is not violent and Grendel is a character who is capable of learning, thinking ,etc. and communicating. I think that grendel 's curiosity is his best feature. Grendel knows that his actions are mean, but he still loves doing them and unable to see why he likes doing it so much. Grendel has been at war with the Dane sand it was "twelfth year of his very stupid personic war" (5).Grendel knows that
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