Beowulf Is Honorable

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Beowulf was honorable throughout this epic story. Beowulf was strong, smart, one whom the town was looked up to. When he killed Grendal, the townsfolk were happy and relieved. My idea of a hero is a strong, intelligent, honorable man who opts for the correct path in all he does. Beowulf was one such character; although, his phenomenal achievements were for his own glory. Beowulf was self-serving; therefore, arrogance was his downfall in the end, because he didn 't have to slay the dragon. He did choose to slay the dragon; thus ending his life. One trait of a perfect hero is a person who will do anything for his city. Beowulf was the person who would take up for people that could not fend for themselves. Beowulf 's courage was so

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