Beowulf: Movie Analysis

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The movie Beowulf is about the story of a man who saves the day in the town of Herot that takes place around 700-1000 CE. Many different elements went into making this film such as camera angles, actors, costumes, and sets. In the movie, Herot is in a time of misery because an evil creature named Grendel is coming to the town at night and killing the kings’ army. Hrothgar, the king, is tired of this monster coming and ruining his home, so he calls for Beowulf, who is known for being a warrior, to come and defeat Grendel. Beowulf comes to Herot with some of his army and waits in the town hall for Grendel to come. When he shows up, Beowulf and his men attack the monster before its arm is cut off and it eventually dies. Not long after Grendel is killed, his mother comes and continues what he started. Beowulf tells the king that he will find Grendel’s mother and kill her for him. He goes to Grendel’s mothers home and finds her there but not as he had expected. She is not like Grendel because she is manipulative and beautiful which ultimately makes Beowulf stunned. Beowulf doesn’t kill Grendel’s mother but when he returns to the king, he tells him that he…show more content…
Props, costumes, actors, sets, and camera angles all contributed to the film. Without these, the movie wouldn’t have happened. Props, camera-angles, and costumes all contributed to the image the filmmakers were trying to convey by showing the time period of the movie and giving the feel of how the character was being seen in a particular scene without it being physically said. Actors contributed to the story because without them, there wouldn’t be one. The sets contributed to the mood of the film because they would show it by making it bright outside when there was something to be happy about or eerie when something bad was going to happen. Overall, all elements used in this movie contributed to it and made it a movie that told a

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