Beowulf Movie And Book Differences

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If you ever ever read the story of Beowulf and then saw the movie you would notice that there is a lot of differences between the two. You would be so surprised with how many things were changed and added in the movie that were never in the story. The story and the the movie are different in the way that they add characters, change scenes, and change personalities.

First off you will notice that they have added characters in the movie that were not in the book. For example in the story nobody knew who was Beowulf's father, but in the story they actually talked about his father. Another character that they added was Beowulf’s son who actually turned out to be the dragon. It was a really weird twist to the story because nobody would have expected that big of a change. Even though it was a weird plot twist the movie turned out to be interesting.
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For one when Grendel attacked the mead-hall in the book was because the villagers were singing about the creation of earth. In the movie Grendel attacked the mead-hall because the villagers were making a lot of noise. another difference was that when Grendel attacked he ate the men, but in the movie he just attacked and killed them. The most significant change was when Beowulf killed Grendel’s mother in the story, The last difference that were clearly seen between the movie and the story was that they changed the personality of some characters. One of the characters who their personality was not in the film he never killed her instead he had sex with
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