Beowulf Poem Analysis

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Is Beowulf the movie and the epic poem of Beowulf really the same? The epic poem of Beowulf is exciting to read and watch. Beowulf is a classic epic poem about a hero that defeated tons of monster and help save the town of Herot. There are plenty of similarities between the movie and the epic poem. There are a lot of differences between the two that will leave you dumbfounded. Beowulf had three major battles, two with monsters and one with a dragon; however these battles had a variety if differences in the movie and poem. To explain, the first battle, Beowulf had been with a monster named Grendel, which he was the son of King Hrothgar, king of Herot, in the movie but not in the book. In the movie, Grendel had attacked on the Danes once before Hrothgar sent for…show more content…
It also informs that Grendel’s mother was being seductive to Beowulf, which pushes them to have sexual intercourse. In the film Beowulf lied to the people of Herot about killing her because he knew he had done wrong and the type of evil and destruction she had brought onto Herot. Beowulf also didn’t know his decision would come back on him 50 years later. Lastly, the final battle, Beowulf had been with a dragon. Because of the fact Beowulf and Grendel’s mother had sexual intercourse, this brought upon the dragon, which was Beowulf’s son in the movie. According to the film the dragon attacked on Herot because he wants revenge on Beowulf and Grendel’s mother got into his head. This reason he attacked in the book was because a thief had stolen his treasure which was the “Dragon Cup”. Also, in the film Beowulf fought the dragon by himself, but in the book he had help from Wiglaf. Beowulf killed the dragon in the film by ripping his heart out, but in the book he and Wiglaf stabbed the dragon to kill him. After the fight Beowulf eventually dies, in the movie he died a few minutes after the fight and had a short talk with Wiglaf. In the poem Beowulf asked the Danes to build him a tower in his
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