Beowulf Poem And Movie Comparison Essay

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Beowulf Poem and Movie Comparison
Beowulf an epic poem set in scandinavia and one of the longest epic poems written in Old English. This poem has been a high achievement of Old English poetry and has been written in different verses and incorporated into a movie. They base on the hero Beowulf a man who has the strength of 30 men, a hero of the geats who travels overseas to aid Hrothgar king of the Danes. The danes are under attack of a monster named grendel. After defeating grendel, beowulf encountered other obstacles through the story. Even though it's all based on the original epic there are so many differences between the movie Beowulf and the epic poem. The epic poem, is too boring for modern, sophisticated audiences, so hollywood established the story. Pagan and Christian perspectives. In the movie, Hrothgar and his Danes are pagan. Later, Unferth goes to Hrothgar to see if they should pray to God. Hrothgar had said no. The
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non heroic values. In the movie, Beowulf struggles to keep true characteristics of a hero. He lies about the fact that he killed Grendel's mother. When instead he actually had an adulterous rendezvous with her and also with his queen’s handmaid. The epic expresses Beowulf having true heroic ethics and actions. When he follows the rule of the anglo saxons refinement. Every description that described Beowulf explains him to be a true hero.
Murdering of the dragon. In the movie and the poem Beowulf dies slaying the dragon. What differs is the relationship between the dragon and Beowulf. The movie describes the dragon as Beowulf's son, born due to his affair with grendel's mom. The dragon in the movie represents failure. Beowulf feels that it is necessary to kill the dragon, but by taking down his son he also took his life doing it. The Epic, explains that the dragon attempts to attack the geats but has nothing in relation to Beowulf. All the dragon is an enemy that Beowulf has to face to complete his dream of dying a
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