Beowulf Role Model Essay

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I promised to stay loyal to him as long as he lived. When I was younger, I have always wanted to be a brave, noble warrior. My father is a Swede of the Wægmunding clan, the same clan Beowulf 's father belonged to, so I am Beowulf’s distant cousin. My father taught me how to become a true Viking warrior. Beowulf has always been my role model and I’ve always wanted to be exactly like him. I always stay true to myself and care about the values of being an Anglo-Saxon warrior.
I was the only Geat to stay with Beowulf in the battle with the dragon. I witnessed the dragon biting Beowulf’s neck and blood flowing. I approached the dragon while crying words of encouragement to Beowulf, which briefly distracted the dragon. When Beowulf wounded the dragon
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Beowulf said to me to now look after the Geats. At Beowulf 's command, I gathered treasure from the dragon 's lair and piled it where Beowulf could see it. He told me to build him a funeral mound and he gave me his rings, helm, and mail-shirt. He said that I am now "the last of the Wægmundings."
The other eleven men that came with Beowulf gather around the body, and I condemned them for their failure of duty and declared that he will order them exiled. Such cowardice reveals a national weakness and is an invitation for their enemies to attack. I sent a messenger to tell the other Geats what has happened. When the Geats have gathered, I addressed them, mourning Beowulf 's death and expressing dismay at the bleak future of the Geats without Beowulf to guard them.
I demonstrated how to be a good warrior and the importance of heroism to our society and the importance of loyalty. I sacrificed my life for my king. I also showed responsibility compared to the other cowardly shield-bearers (warriors). Beowulf has learned that having heroism is a risk. We must always remember a key idea of the heroic code: a hero must fight- even though he knows that he fights against
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