Beowulf Side Story

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In Beowulf, there are several side stories that provide significant insight to the future of the story. In chapter 13, the side story of Sigmund and Hermod begins. Being placed after Beowulf’s defeat of Grendel provides a look as which path Beowulf’s could take with his newfound fame and glory. Beowulf could follow in Sigmund’s path. Sigmund was glorious warrior who fought many kinds of evil terrorizing the communities. Sigmund’s heroism brought him “Fame that would last beyond life and death” (885). After defeating a dragon alone, just as Beowulf did, Sigmund’s “name/And his treasures grew great” (898-899). However, Beowulf could also follow Hermod’s path. Hermod was once a great warrior just as Sigmund had been, but Hermod let his pride get
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