Beowulf: The Best Commitatus In The Danish Epic

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In the Danish Epic Beowulf, Beowulf shows the best comitatus because he rescues the Danes, slays all the monsters, and attempts to save his own kingdom. Beowulf goes on a simple quest to liberate the Danes from their oppressor and instead kills many atrocious monsters there. He receives many treasures and heads home where 50 winters later a dragon has been angered by a thief and he must attempt to slay it.

Saving the Danes is an important sign of comitatus because they reward him for his bravery. In addition, this starts his many acts of comitatus. He did not come here because he was asked. but instead “Heard how Grendel filled the nights with horror” (197) Beowulf came to the rescue of all the danish people and fought bravely for them. In return the Danish people give him Mead, fame, and their respect. The Danish people said, “Beowulf, you've come to us in friendship.” (457) Beowulf showed other acts of comitatus earlier in his life but this was his first sign of comitatus to foreigners. Not only that, he also is the only one to actually fight Grendel because everyone else is asleep. Nevertheless, He fights bravely and is rewarded with many treasures for this. This
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This is his final act of comitatus shows how committed he was because it the text it stated, “No coward could have walked ther!” (2541) When he goes to fight the dragon he ends up being all alone and is killed while fighting it. His people had rewarded him by letting him lead the kingdom so now he fought bravely for them. If he had retreated and not showed comitatus he would have been exiled the the other warriors. As stated at the end of the story, “Telling their sorrow, telling stories / of their dead king and his greatness, his glory.” (3172) This final stand for Beowulf shows that he has the best comitatus because no other character so as much commitment to anyone else as Beowulf

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