Beowulf: The First Super Hero In History

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First Super Hero in History: Beowulf’s Motivations You look around and it hits you for the first time, it’s your last high school soccer game. You are playing your team’s rival. If you and your team do not win this game it could mean the difference between going to the state competition or not. Are those circumstances enough motivation for you to fight as hard as you can to win? Or does there have to be more? Maybe music pumps you up, or the coaches speech before heading out onto the pitch. In the epic poem Beowulf, by an unknown author, he had to fight three human killing monsters, Grendel, Grendel’s mother and a fire breathing dragon. He was brave enough to stand up and kill each and every one of them. But what was his motivation to do…show more content…
After Beowulf got back from the Danes from killing Grendel’s mom, he became the king of the Geats. “Defending the folk against many a tribe with a spear point and word in the surges of battle till not one was hostile “neath heaven’s expanse.” Beowulf put ever dedication into his people and put them first before anything else. Many years passed and Beowulf began to grow old yet his fighting spirit never aged. He was easily one of the most kindest and generous kings the land of the Geats had ever seen. One day a man came to Beowulf’s throne to show him that he had found a golden goblet from a hidden hoard guarded by a dragon. When Beowulf heard this news he knew he had to fight the dragon to let his people take the treasure and become wealthy. During battle, Beowulf realized he wasn’t as young as he used to be and could not fight without the young Wiglaf by his side. The struggle continued until the giant beast sunk his razor sharp teeth deep into Beowulf’s neck. Weak from loss of blood Beowulf stumbled back. When he stepped back thats when Wiglaf smote the dragon and gave Beowulf the time to take a death blow to his fire breathing chest. The Dragon lied dead, once again Beowulf was victorious! He was a true hero, but the hero didn’t get to celebrate this victory like his last two. Beowulf too had died in battle, from the deadly bite on his neck. Although he sadly died, he died with honor and great glory because he died for the good of his people. He lived a hero and died a hero in front of his comrades and
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