Beowulf: The Good Forces Versus The Evil Forces

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The epic poem Beowulf is a story about the good forces versus the evil forces. The good force is Beowulf. The evil forces are Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the dragon. Beowulf has to defeat each one of them. Beowulf is considered an epic hero because, he is brave, strong, shows courage, and he has desire to help people. He concurs everything he sets his mind to.

Grendel comes to the Mead Hall and kills people from the town Herot because, he doesn’t like the happiness and the noise the people are making. Grendel only attacks at night. Beowulf comes from Geatland to help once he heard what Grendel was doing. Once Beowulf and his men were spotted from the land King Hrothgar’s soldiers confronted him. They asked “Whose soldiers are you, You who’ve been carried in your deep-keeled ship across the sea-road to this country of mine?” (Pg. 44) Beowulf said that he was going to kill Grendel. Beowulf and his men were back in the Mead Hall Beowulf was going to sleep and told his men to sing. Grendel visits once
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Beowulf then decides the want to kill Grendel’s mother also. King Hrothgar said “Our only help, Again, lies with you. Grendel’s mother IS hidden in her terrible home, in a place You’ve not seen. Seek it you dare! Save us, Once-more, and again twisted gold, Heaped-up ancient treasure, will reward you For the battle you win!” (Pg. 52) Beowulf goes to the monster’s marsh and tell King Hrothgar to give Higlac all his gifts if should die in battle. He leaped into the lake, as soon as he reached the bottom she grabbed him in her arms. He tries to slice her but realized no ordinary sword, such as Hrunting, could kill her. He dropped his weapon and decided to use his hands. She had him held down and was ready to avenge her only son, but the woven mail shirt stopped it. He saw a heavy sword hanging on the wall. He then grabbed it swung it and caught her in the neck and cut through it. Grendel’s mother was

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