Beowulf Vs Achilles

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“Hero worship is natural to humans” (Scheske). There are two heroes who get worshiped; Beowulf and Achilles. Beowulf is important because he fought a monster to save a kingdom. Achilles is important because he fought to avenge his cousin’s death and also to help the Trojan war. Both if these heroes have courage and strength, but their values differ from each other. The hero Beowulf fought with honor to save a kingdom, whereas Achilles fought for fame and revenge. The hero Beowulf fought to save the kingdom of Herot, ruled by the king Hrothgar. A monster, named Grendel, has terrorized this kingdom; so Beowulf comes to defeat Grendel. He defeats the monster, but angers Grendel’s mother in the process. He has to fight her as well, since she is
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