Beowulf: What Makes A True Hero

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Various amounts of actions and words make a man more than just any being. A man more than himself has to be something bigger than life. That detail makes a hero, that detail makes a man more. In the eyes of children, and the public, a strong warrior must have heart. With this characteristic he can lift a mountain for anyone or thing in need. A hero must be honorable, no lies will be told in his name. Lastly, every man needs courage to win the love of others. Courage that makes evil tremble in its skin. Wiglaf has every characteristic for becoming an amazing hero. This man has proven his loyalty for his King, his belief in the almighty, and the courage of a lion. “None of his comrades came to him, helped him, his brave and noble followers; they all ran for their lives, fled deep in a wood. And only one of…show more content…
He ran, hoping his wounded King, weak and dying, had not left the world too soon.” Once Wiglaf had returned, from his fast and exhausting journey to collect one of the last wishes of the King, he was made a King himself. Beowulf saw and felt his heart through the shield, and under all the armor. Wiglaf was the only man who kept his promise and loyalty to the King. Therefore, Beowulf made sure that the next line, army, and Geats would be as warm-hearted, courageous, and strong as he. Beowulf gave the new King his old golden shield, armor, jewelry, and everlasting gratitude.
After the old, dying King passed on a tower was made with his ashes. Brick by brick it was stretched high into the air for all to see and remember. The gold, which Wiglaf brought from his quick journey, was stored inside. This was a sign of the King’s glory and great leadership. The tower was then named “Beowulf’s Tower.” It would be a reminder to all who passed through on the sea or land that this man, King, was truly a legend. Wiglaf, now King, made his mark by his heroic
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