Beowulf: What Makes Grendel A Monster?

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1. What exactly makes Grendel a monster?
The story of Grendel promotes both sympathy and empathy to the reader, instead of the idea of him being a monster from the perspective of Beowulf. With Grendel narrating the story, his behavior and thought processes can be logically explained and justified. Grendel and the humans speak the same language, but the humans are too freighted to try to understand Grendel when he attempts to communicate with them. Although Grendel is an outsider, he does show a desire to be part of the community, but becomes discouraged from the miscommunication and disconnect. In my opinion he is not a monster but a child trying to make sense of the world.

2. Why is Grendel so fascinated by the Shaper?
Grendel has a habit
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