Beowulf's Accomplishments

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Beowulf has lasted since around between five hundred to a thousand Current Era. Beowulf story has lived on through people telling the story and it being written. Beowulf was a strong, intelligent, kind, caring, brave, and noble man. The story has lived on because of the accomplishments of Beowulf. The story would not be told today if Beowulf had not killed those horrible creatures.

This story has lived on by people who have told the story to other people. They are fascinated by the story of Beowulf a brave and noble hero who fights to protect others. This story is unlike any other story because it is about a man who faces his fears head on. People loved him because he was courageous and he succeeded in his actions. Beowulf was not the …show more content…

When killing the enemy he was smart, brave, and noble. Beowulf knew the perfect tactic to bring out Grendel. Beowulf then eventually kills Grendel by tearing off his arm. For this everyone loves him and gives him great treasure especially the king. Although Beowulf liked the gifts he never asked for them. He was only trying to help out King Hrothgar and wanted to fight. Although defeating Grendel was not enough Grendel 's mother had to be defeated to for trying to kill people in the town. Beowulf took the challenge. When Beowulf goes to her he feels as if though he is going to die. She takes him to her lair Beowulf fears for his life until they get inside the lair. There he kills her and takes Grendel 's head as a gift for the king along with the giant 's sword. This proves his loyalty to the king and Drane-folk. During this fight, everyone waited for anxiously. When they saw the blood they knew Beowulf was dead but, he wasn 't. When he showed up to the mead-hall everybody was proud of him. Giving him more gifts and treasure. Throughout this story, he proves over and over how brave …show more content…

People today do not take the risk like he did and it fascinates me to think that even in death he was honored. His nephew did everything he asked and more. Beowulf is not like other heroes. He is not in it for others to look at him and say he is a hero mostly he just wanted to help. He was loved, committed, and fearless. It 's a story about being courageous and facing your fear head on even if the outcome was bad. Although, he probably did not expect to go down in history and for people to be hearing about him for thousands of years after what did he expect. The King even loved Beowulf as a son. How many kings really loved their own sons to give them everything they had? From the myths, I have read not very many. They passed this story down and it encourages others. I 'm sure people told this story to show how brave one person can be. Although Beowulf was a classical hero he probably would have done these things without his strength. It was just what he destined to do with his life. Just like he was destined to go down in

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