Beowulf's Greatest Challenges

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In Beowulf, Beowulf’s greatest challenge is the dragon. As humans, we all face our own dragons. Our dragons might be unwanted, but in the end, they help make us who we are. As we face our challenges, we develop habits and we change our way of thinking, which later defines us. Personally, I have faced my own challenges. In spite of the fact that I had no one to help me growing up, people who doubted me because of my English, and my negative self esteem and fears, my challenges have helped change me into a better person than I was before. Initially, I never realized the lack of help in my life. Once I began to receive complex homework and classwork, I was left to struggle as a result of having no older siblings or anyone in my family who spoke English. Having no older siblings and being the oldest of the siblings, may not seem a challenge, but it is. Not only am I left to figure out problems on my own, but I have to help and take care of someone else. What’s more is that I had no one in my family who spoke English, and all my homework or classwork was in English. Despite the lack of help, I was actually changing and developing new habits. I had become more responsible and independent in managing my time, and I also learned to work to my fullest potential regardless of the help I…show more content…
Growing up with no older siblings or English speaking parents, I was left to become independent, responsible and productive on my own. The fact that I could not speak English fluently caused others to think low of me, but instead I learned to push myself no matter how complex a topic was. Even though I haven’t conquered it, my last challenge is my own self esteem and fears, which have changed me to slowly become optimistic and less afraid of my fears. Ultimately, our challenges will always change us, whether we wanted it or not. At the end of the day, I am grateful for my dragons and how they have changed me as a
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