Beowulf's Loyalty Research Paper

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Joey Mahop
Period 9
Ms. Rad
L’s Up For Ya Hittas
Loyalty is a major theme not just in Beowulf, but also in today's society . Loyal to those whom they trust is a norm. Many feel as if they have to be loyal in order to feel comfortable in life. In relationships, people are loyal to those who define themselves similar even though they may have many differences. Loyalty is a factor in Wiglaf and Beowulf’s friendship as well as it is in gangs in modern day society. Loyalty is expressed in Beowulf by Wiglaf’s unquestionable desire to do anything that was required of him to remain devoted to Beowulf. Wiglaf states in Beowulf, “I’d rather burn myself than see flames swirling around my Lord” (44). His loyalty was stronger than his trepidation.

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