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Bergamot is a beautifully fragrant citrus essential oil that is uplifting and refreshing. It takes its name from the town of Bergamo in Northern Italy, and traditionally, Bergamot has been used in Italian folk medicine. It has also been used widely in the perfume industry for many years, and the bergamot tree is cultivated not for its fruit, which is thought too bitter for consumption, but for its beautiful essential oil. You are probably already familiar with bergamot as it is also used to fragrance Earl Grey tea, giving it its beautiful and distinctive aroma. Gorgeous!
In pregnancy, bergamot is useful because it is especially good for the treatment of urinary tract infections (UTIs), and is helpful in clearing up unusual vaginal discharge or
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Please do not expose your skin to sunlight or UV rays for 12 hours should you be using bergamot in quantities greater than this. Therefore, use fewer than 10 drops of bergamot/100ml product, or use it in night time preparations.


Cardamom essential oil is a sweet and warm, spicy-toned essential oil that is distilled from the ripe fruits of the leafy cardamom shrub. Most commonly known as a condiment in Indian food, and as an aide in Eastern traditional medicine, history records it as also being used in incenses and perfumes. It has a distinctive, warm, rich aroma.
In pregnancy, I like to use cardamom for its carminative properties because it can help with queasiness and indigestion. It is known to settle the stomach and can be helpful in easing the sensation of nausea.

Properties Blending note Blends well with
Improves digestion
Reduces flatulence

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