Why Is Bergamot Oil Anti-Depressant

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Aromatherapy for pregnancy

Pregnancy is certainly a risky period, in which several physiologic changes occur such as hormonal disturbances, and medical issues, making pregnant women weaker, and more sensitive to drugs. Also, many drugs pass placenta, and may cause harmful effects to the fetus whose organs are still premature. That’s why physicians and pharmacists warn pregnant women of using numerous drugs.

Medical issues during pregnancy
Pregnant women should absolutely avoid drugs that pass the placenta. That leads to 2 important questions: How can pregnant women overcome medical issues during pregnancy such as colic pain? Spasms? Headache? Migraine? And what if a pregnant woman suffers from insomnia? What should she do?
Physicians and pharmacists recommend a certain type
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• Bergamot Oil
Bergamot Oil contains 3 active constituents, including Alpha Pinene, flavonoids, and Limonene.
 Bergamot oil improves blood circulation, providing joyful and powerful feelings. That’ why Bergamot Oil is described as a stimulant and anti-depressant.
 Bergamot oil relieves constipation due to its stimulatory action on both production of gastric juice, and peristaltic movement of the intestine.
 Bergamot oil has a sedative action because of its inhibitory effect on nerve endings responsible for pain. As a result, it relieves headache, stress, spasms and muscle aches.
 Bergamot oil is also used as an analgesic during pregnancy since it decreases the dose of anesthesia required.

• Chamomile oil
The oil of Chamomile includes three active constituents, including Bisabolol, Bisabolol oxides A and B, Apigenin and Matricin.
Chamomile oil is mainly used as an anti-inflammatory drug. However, it is also effective against toothache and muscle pain. It may be either topically applied or inhaled or orally taken so as to relieve inflammation of the gastro-intestinal tract.

• Mandarin and Cypress

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