Bergen-Belsen Research Paper

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What was Bergen-Belsen? What was it used for? Was it called other names? How many people were killed in Bergen-Belsen? Were there any well-known, famous people that died in Bergen-Belsen? Bergen-Belsen was one of the worst concentration camps there were during Hitler’s terrible reign over Germany and Europe. He produced these concentration camps, and they were designed to make Jews suffer. There were many concentration camps during this reign, but Bergen-Belsen was one of the worst.
Bergen-Belsen concentration camp was used as a holding camp for the Jewish prisoners. The camp was divided into eight sections, a detention camp, two women’s camps, a special camp, neutrals camps, “star” camp (mainly Dutch prisoners who wore the Yellow Star on their clothing instead of the camp uniform), Hungarian camp and a tent camp. It was designed to hold 10,000 prisoners, however, by the war’s end more than 60,000 prisoners were held there, due to the large numbers of
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Bergen-Belsen wasn’t just a concentration camp, it was used as many different things in the time of World War II. The stories of the people that actually escaped the prison were incredible. There were very few people that survived and most people died inside of Bergen-Belsen. There are even many memorials in honor of the fallen and the dead at Bergen-Belsen, as well as many other concentration camps around the world. Of course, the concentration camps are apart of national history, even if they were devastating. People back then were obsessed with power and that is one of the main reason for Jews dying in the concentration camps. Bergen-Belsen especially, is known as one of the worst camps for Jews to be transported to. Only few survived from Bergen-Belsen. One thing is for sure though, these events showed the true color and meaning of people being crazy with
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