A Case Study Of The Berlasco Hospital

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Analysis of the goals has determined that resident satisfaction within Berlasco Court Centre regarding meals is far lower than it should be. The goal of providing a level of independence and freedom for the residents is currently not being met either which is supported further below by the requirements from elicitation. The result has suggested that residents are unhappy with the current meal plan system and would like more versatility as well as an ordering system this system also needs to be efficient for nursing and kitchen staff to minimize damaging impact within those two areas. Using this it’s been established that the primary Business Need is providing a system to ensure greater versatility and control over meal plans for residents.…show more content…
These gaps need to be identified to help achieve the business needs. One major flaw with the current ordering system is that nurses are not collecting all orders from residents, neither the kitchen has direct contact with residents. This is largely due to nursing staff being disorganised and not asking each individual within a timely fashion and kitchen staff not being able to leave the kitchen since they are busy preparing meal before the right time. Another contributing factor is that as some residents are restricted to their rooms, they have less regular contact with nursing staff. When these orders are not collected and delivered in time, it can result in stressful situations for kitchen staff. After receiving orders late, the kitchen staffs are more prone to stressful situations leading to mistakes regarding meals, and residents potentially not receiving meals at all. These flaws in the ordering system can ultimately lead to the kitchen staff having a much heavier workload. Many kitchen staff have to work outside of their delegated hours to complete the extra work. This results in extra expenses for the company in general. Determine Solution Approach Solution approach assesses and determines the most viable solution approach to meet the business needs. This takes into account the use of current and/or new capabilities within the business…show more content…
Outsourcing of solution project- Solution to project given to another individual/ company to find best approach. 2. Use of existing resources hardware/ software- Ability to use existing hardware/ software infrastructure in order to reduce cost and time of possible solution. 3. In-house development of software- Develop software internally within business 4. Buy third party software- Buy software which is ready to use straight away. 5. Change of business procedures/ processes- An alternative approach is to assess current business procedures/ processes and make recommend changes to benefit staff and residents 6. Introduce additional staff- Fills capability gap by hiring more staff to attend to residents. Beneficial as business processes do not change significantly allowing for increased satisfaction between residents and staff. 7. Do nothing approach- Used as if the possible solution approach cannot provide any sufficient benefit or value to the business or if constraints could affect the project such as cost or deadline of project which don't meet key stakeholder requirements and expectations. Assumptions and Constraints The project may encounter on some constraints that are related with the technology such as: • Software •

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