Berlin Conference Dbq Analysis

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The Berlin Conference is an example of leaders coming together to form political boundaries. Since this happened it shows how many things were affected. This includes people, countries, resources found in that place. The biggest thing is it has a large affect on the future of everyone and everything. Before discussing how it really affected things, I’ll say why people decide to make political boundaries in the first place. Many times this is to separate areas governed by different groups. Sometimes they follow physical boundaries for resource needs, etc. These boundaries can change over time through wars, treaties and trade. In document 7 the oil map shows different resources in the Sudan area. This shows why certain places would want to take that and make it theirs. “We must quietly leave the Soviet Union and close the door gently so that Gorbachev does not awaken. But if the entire Ukraine people were convinced of the merits of such an idea and were to announce in union that we desire complete independence…” This quote shows the steps people should go to to gain independence. People either agreed or did not…show more content…
“No African delegates were present. Simply put, the European powers agreed to recognize any areas that were already occupied to being developed by other European nations. Because of this, there was a big push to the interior of Africa by competing European Armies, as they all rushed to establish…legitimate claims on areas not occupied by other European powers.” This really struck me because it shows they didn’t care about the African people at all, in fact they could care less. And that’s what starts rebellions. In Document 1 you notice that it shows most other countries except for Africa itself. Because whenever they are trying to take control claiming independence is very hard. You have to be
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