Berlin Olympics Dbq Essay

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“I proclaim the Games of Berlin, celebrating the eleventh Olympiad of the modern era, to be open." declared the Chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler, as he stood in front of many fans and athletes of diversity, with many of them being of the “superior race” the Aryan race. It was 1936 and the Berlin Games had officially begun. From the national flags to the eccentric athletes, everything was Olympic certified, along with the Nazi induced hate and discrimination that took action throughout the Games. The USA should’ve boycotted the 1936 Berlin Olympics.
One reason why the USA should’ve boycotted the games was because of the location of the games. Berlin, a Nazi regime, had been selected by the IOC as the host city for the Olympics in 1931.
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One reason they shouldn’t have boycotted the Games was because of the location of the Games. The Games in 1936 were being held in Berlin,Germany. Berlin had previously been selected to host the Olympics before Hitler’s reign. The 1916 Olympics were only canceled due to World War 1, which lasted from 1914 to 1918. Even with the nomination of Berlin holding the Olympics in Germany, the Nazis intended to use the 1936 Games in Berlin, Germany as a showcase for the "new Germany,” which was now a nazi reigning, Aryan-race only area. The Nazis also hoped to gain money from the thousands of tourists who could and most likely would bring needed foreign currency into the country. Another reason why the USA shouldn’t have boycotted the 1936 Berlin Olympics was because of the participation rules Germany had set up. Germany originally had banned athletes of the non-Aryan race to attend and participate in the Games. After being condemned internationally by other nations of their actions, Germany allowed all athletes of races and religions to participate in the Olympics. Even after allowing athletes of all races and religions to participate in the Olympics, many Nazis were still against promoting racial equality during the Games. “....Nazis, however, had no interest in promoting racial equality and hoped instead to use the Olympics to show off Aryan athletes, whom they believed were naturally superior because of their race”
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