Berlin Wall Research Paper

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The Berlin Wall was built in august 1961 to divide Berlin into two parts, West Berlin and East Berlin. This division was made for 28 years, until 1989. People were alowed to travel from one side to the other until 1961, it was difficult but possible because the borders between East and West Berlin were closed since 1952. The wall was built because people from Westen were escaping to the East or Easten to the West. More often Easten population moved to West Berlin, to escape the communist repression and to reunite with their families, that influenced the Soviet Union reputation. Khrushchev closed the borders and the construction of the Berlin wall began by the East side of Germany. The wall was the symbol of the Cold War and it caused a crisis in Soviet and U.S. relationship. According to the World War Two, Germany was splited into four parts, which were : Soviet Union, Britain, America and France. The URSS took control over eastern Germany and US, France and Britain over western Germany. A lot of economical problems were present in East Germany, so people would move to the West and that’s when it was decided to built the Berlin Wall. This…show more content…
The Berlin wall had a lot of causes, the tension was growing, a lot of sabotage, refugees and even though they were no war, people had suffer a lot and they were even casualities. President Kennedy had a strong opinion on the idea of the wall : ‘a wall is a hell of a lot better than a war’. Kennedy tried to be really strict and tied with the idea of communist; he has tried to finance and help the forces in Vietnam and Loas to fight against communist forces. West Germany was living in much better conditions, people were healthy and free; however, East Germany was very poor and with a lot of strict rules, throughout that a lot people became
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