Berlin West Africa Conference Essay

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Kacie Lee 2/25/18 Tomasetti AP World P.6 ID #21 1. Berlin West Africa Conference (549) The Berlin West Africa Conference controlled the colonization of Africa because the British in Egypt and the Europeans who were aiming at taking the African colonies had strain. European and United State representatives met at what was called the Berlin Conference to set up regulations for African colonization. It was made that the Europeans were able to colonize Africa if they were doing it on vacant land and if they told others of their reasoning behind doing so. This lead to Europeans defeating African groups with their high technology machinery. By the 1900s, Europeans had control of the entirety of Africa except for Ethiopia. 2. Boer War (551) In Africa, there were people of Dutch ancestry, called the Boers who established the Cape, and the other was of British ancestry who conquered the Cape. As a result, there was strife between the two groups. When the British conquered the Cape, they forced their culture and law onto the Afrikaners. This included the ending of slavery. As a result, Afrikaners left the Cape and went east to create their own regions. They got…show more content…
interceding in other regions’ business. This justified the United States to place their power over regions such as Guam and the Philippines. In order to preserve the U.S.’s business affairs, the U.S. also interceded in the Caribbean and Central America. To make contact easier, the U.S. wanted to build the Panama canal in north Colombia. However, Colombia did not want to give their land up. President Theodore Roosevelt set up a rebellion against Colombia and got control of the city, Panama. President Roosevelt then added to the Monroe Doctrine, that the U.S. has the ability to intercede in domestic business if they don’t keep the U.S.’ contributions safe. This helped fortify the U.S military and economic
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