Conspiracy Theories Of The Bermuda Triangle

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The Bermuda Triangle: An Eternal Source of Conspiracy Theories
The mysterious area located in the North Atlantic Ocean on the 25°N 71°W coordinates, more specifically between the East coast of Florida, Northwest of Puerto Rico and Southeast of Bermuda Islands, is known as the Bermuda Triangle or Devil’s Triangle. This region is connected to countless disappearances of ships and aircrafts throughout the history and can be considered a cursed place. However, is the Bermuda Triangle really cursed? As mentioned before, a high number of planes and ships have disappeared as they pass through the region, generating many conspiracy theories -a lot of them giving inspiration for movies, books, magazines, newspaper articles, documentaries and TV shows.
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Even if Mary Celeste wasn’t found in the Bermuda region and was in other part of the Atlantic, many conspirators associate the case with the Triangle itself. The case of the unnamed ship associated with the Ellen Austin crews: in 1881, the crew of The Ellen Austin, an American ship which used to sail between New York and London, found a mysterious deserted ship. The captain ordered to some of his crew to guide the ship back to New York alongside the Ellen Austin, however the two vessels were separated by a huge storm and the unnamed ship with part of the Ellen Austin crew were gone. The Ellen Austin found the unnamed ship one more time but once again no single soul was on board. The captain ordered some of the crew to take the vessel again, but once again the unnamed ship vanished and this time she was never found by the Ellen Austin or other ship after that. This is a ghost-ship case related to the Bermuda Triangle. And lastly the case of Freya in 1902: the German vessel Freya went missing for an entire day after leaving Cuba on October 3rd. She was found the next day in the same place from which she had sailed, but without a single person on board: all the crew of Freya was…show more content…
On February 16, 1918, the naval vessel left Brazil, where she had supplied British ships for World War I and headed to Baltimore. The ship had to make a stop on Barbados between March 3rd and 4th and after that retook her way to Baltimore. In the route between Barbados and Baltimore is located the Bermuda Triangle, possibly the location where the wreckage happened. The USS Cyclops never made to Baltimore and nothing more was heard about the ship or any of the 309 crew that were on board. The remains were never recovered, and the mystery remains. Some theorists believe that the ship was overloaded with manganese and too many people and that was too heavy for the ship’s structure. Others believe in a German Sabotage because the Captain was born German and some of the Brazilian sailors that joined the crew were German supporters. Some extremist conspirators believe that a giant octopus or squid living in the Bermuda Triangle was responsible for the disappearance of the vessel or that a time-portal engulfed the USS
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