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The Mystery Behind The Bermuda Triangle Have you ever wondered about what were the causes of ships and aircrafts disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle? The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is one of the most talked about paranormal event. It dated back to the 1940’s when newspaper started to talk about these strange disappearances From ships to planes, the incidents of these lead to many very different theories. The mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle can be summed in two theories: The Triangle does not exist and Methane Gas. The Bermuda Triangle is a mythical area of the Atlantic Ocean where ships and airplanes have mysteriously disappeared. On March 1918 a 542 foot long cargo ship with over 300 men and 10,000 of ores, the ship never sent…show more content…
In 1975 a check of “Lloyd’s of London’s accident records” showed evidence that “the triangle was no more dangerous than any part of the ocean.” Later on United States coasts guards confirmed these statistics (“The Mystery”). Another example, Includes that on December 28, 1948 the passenger plane vanished, with evidence it is shown that the batteries were low on the plane and it could have affected communications (“The Mystery”). Therefore, After the Flight 19 incident there was a lot of speculations of what really happened but truely the five planes got lost and eventually ran out of fuel, it was a cause of human error (“The Mystery”). With many incidents happening at the Triangle, some writers mislead the reader and tell the wrong information. Some writers conclude that there was calm weather or there was no remains founds but it was the opposite (“The Mystery”). With the evidence shown, It is no wonder why many theorist and people believe that the Triangle does not exist. Based on the facts listed, the theory that the Triangle does not exist remains one of the most popular…show more content…
In fact, At a site known as the Witch’s Hole, there was a wreck of a trawler. The trawler had little to no damage and “from laboratory experiments” it was later on concluded that the trawler was sunked by a huge gas bubble (“Bermuda Solved”). 4000 miles away from the Bermuda Triangle geologists used “3-D seismic imaging” to see craters that were caused by Methane gas eruptions (Chen #1). In the Bermuda “Triangle methane gas is known to be present” but according to study “the release of gas could cause not only boats to sink, as shown in our study, but also aeroplanes to crash’(“Bermuda Solved”) 150 kilometers east of Scotland, Sonar surveys revealed high levels of Methane gas release, and many gas eruptions sites (“Bermuda Solved”). Based on these claims, the theory of methane gas is a very strong and supporting theory. Considering the evidence and environment, the case of methane gas is one of the best possible theories. In conclusion, Bermuda Triangle is fake and Methane Gas are the two top theories surrounding the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle. With lots of evidence supporting theory 1 such as the incidents were caused by human error or plane and ships being not ready here is a doubt that this is one of the best theory. In contrast many argued that the cause of accidents are because of Methane Gas. With evidence of lots of

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