Bermuda Triangle Phenomenon

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Has something that is terrifying and has no explanation ever happened to you? There are some unexplained phenomenon that have been recorded and we will talk about them in this paper. One example of this strange phenomenon is the Bermuda Triangle also called Devil’s Triangle or The Sea of Lost Ships. The Bermuda Triangle is located in the Atlantic Ocean. It forms a triangle with the points at Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. It is believed to be where ships and planes have disappeared. Ships have been seen sailing in the area with no crew. This is called a ghost ship. There are many famous ships and planes that are said to have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle such as Flight 19 and the USS Cyclops. Two other examples are ghosts and the Loch…show more content…
1 in 10 Los Angeles residents have considered moving because their house was haunted. UFOs and Bigfoot are two more examples of unexplained phenomenon. Ufo stands for Unidentified Flying Object. Most flying objects listed as UFO, but are then identified, and can be called an IFO. A UFO was called a flying saucer before it was called a UFO. The first photo of a UFO was taken by Jose Bonilla in 1883. Some people say UFO sightings happen somewhere on the planet every three minutes. Bigfoot is a Sasquatch and is said to be 7-10 feet tall. He has many nicknames such as Jingera, Windego, Jacko, and Rugaru. Some people believe he is a vegetarian while others believe he is a meat and plant eater. Early Native Americans believed Bigfoot was a spiritual creature. In 1965 he was put on the endangered species list in Russia and in 1967 in France and Germany. Another example of an unanswered phenomenon is the yeti. Another name for the yeti is the Abominable Snowman. The search for it can be traced back to Alexander the Great. Yeti sightings have been reported in many different countries. The myth of the yeti is said to have originated in Tibet and reached Nepal by the
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