Bermuda Triangle Thesis Statement

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Introduction with thesis statement (5 marks)
Bermuda Triangle is the region in the Western part of North Atlantic Ocean where an unusually large number of strange accidents happened. The legend of Bermuda Triangle started when 5 Navy Avenger airplane disappeared on a training flight out of Fort Lauderdale. Over the years, many theories were proposed by researchers to explain the incidents that happened in Bermuda Triangle. There are methane gas theory, the Sargasso sea, Gulf stream, Hutchison effect, strange weather and hurricanes, freak waves , unusual seafloor, etc. Some researchers discovered that the strange accidents that happened in Bermuda Triangle were actually quite normal. Bermuda Triangle isn’t any more dangerous than other regions.
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These theories vary from crazy explanations to natural explanations. The following are more precise. During some airplane flights, pilots flying over these areas have reported malfunctioning gyros, dead radios, visual anomalies and even inexplicable time warps. Compass problems have been listed as one of the causes to these accidents. Compasses have magnetic variations in relation to magnetic poles and thus may behave differently in different places. The Gulf Stream may also be one of the causes of the incident. It is a deep sea current which is essentially a river in an ocean. Planes and ships may have been drifted away by this current. Human error is another such cause, and the most common one. It is concluded that the number of ships and aircraft reported missing in the area was not significantly greater than in any other part of the ocean. The number of disappearances that did occur were for the most part, neither disproportional, unlikely, nor mysterious in an area with frequent tropical storms. Therefore the Bermuda Triangle is merely simple accidents blown into extravagant proportions due to writers seeking more sensational news. In time, all the accidents in the Bermuda Triangle can be explained logically. A boat listed as missing would be reported, but its eventual return to port may not be reported nor recorded. Some disappearances had, in fact, never happened. These statements are supported by Lawrence David
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