Bernard Bragg

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Bernard Bragg Bernard Bragg is a well-known performer, also a teacher. He is also a writer, poet, director/playwright, and artist. He has won many hearts by his performance, also has won many awards and honors. Bragg has made an amazing career, to show that Deaf can do anything. He has made friendships with deaf and hearing people who have succeed in the arts. Bernard has been an inspiration for many deaf and hearing people.
Bernard Bragg was born in September 27, 1928 In Brooklyn, New York. Both of his parents are Deaf. He began to show interest in theater at a young age thanks to his father Wolfe Bragg His Father who was an amateur actor and play manager. Throughout his childhood and his adolescence, he attended to New York School for the Deaf. In high school, it is when he began to perform. He performed plays such as Moliere’s plays: The Miser, The Bourgeois Gentleman, and Tartuffe.
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He also has received homage from colleagues, friends, and peers. He keeps those ones closer to his heart. In 1977, he received a special Tony Award with the NTD for Theatrically Excellence of Actors, 1986 he enter the Hall of Fame for Person with Disabilities, and many more. Many of the recognitions come from institutions, schools, organizations, and his artistic accomplishments. Bernard Bragg has been known for his performances, also has shown that a Deaf person can do anything he sets his mind up to. He also has proven his humbleness. He stated, “He appreciated these acknowledgments and graciously accepted them, but continued to believe that his real award was the ability to educate and entertain people, both deaf and hearing” (Homage, web). He gives thanks to his father who encourages him to do what he loves. He likes to keep his life private and never married or had children. Bragg has dedicated his entire life to the love of his Life Theater. He has surrounded himself with many friends who are deaf and hearing and love the
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