Bernard Ebbers: Chaarismatic And Transformational Leader

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Bernard Ebbers appears to have been a charismatic and transformational leader but also an unethical one, and probably a hypocritical one as well. According to the case study prepared by Brown (Treviño et al, 2003), Ebbers was inspired a cult-like devotion among his followers. In fact, the case study cited one of his employees describing him as a "rock star" and said that people "revered him". Ebber 's charisma may have played a role, however, in inducing his employees to join him in pursuing profits through criminal activity. In addition to being unethical, Ebbers also appears to have been a hypocritical leader, which Trevinño et al describe as "high on the communication of an ethics agenda but not perceived to be a strong moral person". According to the study, Ebbers appears to have frequently and conspicuously professed an ethical belief system. Treviño et al point out that he would parrot his college basketball coach 's advice: "... a commitment to principles, and a commitment to Jesus Christ...". He was once quoted in the Jackson Clarion-Ledger as saying that his Christianity became a real part of his life during that time period. And even after his public disgrace, he continued to assert about his morality by virtue of his religious beliefs. In fact, according to Staples (2002), he stood up in church, two years before being convicted of massive criminal fraud, and asserted that "No one will find me to have knowingly committed fraud.... my witness for Jesus Christ will

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