Bernard Ebbers: Destructive Deviant Behavior

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To what extent were the actions of Bernard Ebbers indicative of leadership, andto what extent did Ebbers display destructive deviant behavior? Provide examples of leadership and deviant behavior from the case.

At the beginning of his career, Ebbers built a good reputation around him, among his staff, his stakeholders; his customers, all viewed him as a good example, a hardworking man and an icon of rapid growth in business. He developed a good image in his community through his generosity. However his obsession to keep his stock price high led him to unethical behavior.His deviant behavior is demonstrated through different practices:

-Inciting his top employees to falsify financial data to satisfy his own objectives is the major deviant behavior observed in Ebbers ' leadership. -Ebbers became arrogant, unpleasant with whoever going against his ideas; he had an overconfidence character expressed especially when talking with stakeholders and international competitors. -Another deviant behavior Ebbers shows is his unfair treatment of employee where he was favoring top managers by giving personal loan in his company with no written promises of reimbursing the loans. This can be understood as a tool of manipulation. He knew he would need their help in some fraudulent practices discovered later in the company. Later we realize that some of those top managers were accused of irregularities in their work. An internal audit found that the company had fabricated profitable numbers
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