Bernard Evslin's Cronos: Father Of The Gods

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Zeus Cronos was called the “Father of the gods”. Cronos’s children’s names were Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon. Cronos killed his father, Uranus, and when Uranus almost dead, he foretold Cronos future by saying the following to him, “You murder me now and steal my throne---but one of your own sons will dethrone you, for crime begets crime,” said Uranus in the book by Bernard Evslin. Because of this, Cronos was very cautious and so he swallowed all of his children after they were born. Cronos’ wife, Rhea, was very angry at him and decided to descend Olympia and have her baby in a dark place. She named the baby, Zeus, and put him in a golden cradle and hung it on an olive tree branch. Rhea gave Zeus to a Shepherd family in exchange…show more content…
Wild animals sounds combined to make a prophecy echoed by the rattling leaves, “Oh Zeus, Metis will bear a child, a girl child. But if she bears again, it will be a son who will depose you as you deposed Cronos.” (Page 9) The next day he found Metis and opened his mouth and swallowed her. He had an insufferable headache. It felt as if someone inside him was poking him with a spear. Hephaestus jumped back after he hammered open Zeus’s head, as the mighty skull opened as a tall young girl in armor carrying a spear leaped out of his head. Her name was Athene, the way she was born gave her domain over intellectual activities. IT was she who taught man to use tools. She created the science of numbers and taught it to man but not to women. She used her strategy to defeat Ares, whom she hated. She was known for her wisdom and compassion. Over all she was the best-loved god in the Pantheon. The glorious city of Athens was named after her. Although she was known for her battle skills, her intelligence, and her kindness. She was also extremely jealous, one of her most jealousy driven stories was when she was mocked by a young girl, Arachne. There was a contest between the two skilled weavers, Arachne’s weaving was scenes of happiness and love, whereas Athene’s were gruesome scenes from Olympus itself. Arachne left into the mangroves and hung herself and when Athene found her she turned her into a spider. That’s why spiders are known as arachnids and spin webs for

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