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The quote “Everything happens for a reason” couldn’t be true in the story “The Natural” by Bernard Malamud.The book The Natural is scattered with symbols that project a deeper meaning.The Symbols of the Natural range from character names,trains, strange birds, and Roy's magic bat, Wonderboy. Everything that happens in The Natural happens and at first it may seem coincidental and confusing. However, once you read a little deeper and make the connections you see it’s truly a symbolic story. A story of love lost and discovering who you are.

Character names in The Natural have deep symbolic meanings. For example, Pop resembles The Fisher King in the mythical story The fisher King. In the story the Fisher King is trapped in his Kingdom with his
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Ironically enough the train scene happens at the beginning of the story, however, it defines Roy’s future. The appearance of the train is almost like a “birth” of sorts. In the beginning of the Story Roy is just nineteen, you could say he is just a child. Roy starts off a just being a small town boy with no real substance, some could say a “country bumpkin” he seems lost and out of place with the people and things around. For example when Roy showers on the train when he wasn't supposed to because it was for the other people or when Sam tries to introduce him to the Whammer & Max Mercy but Roy went unnoticed because of his shy and awkward demeanor and the way he looked. However as the train moves along towards Chicago and Sam dies, you could say Roy is being pushed out onto the world on his own for the first time as if it was a real and actual birth.

The symbols that scatter The Natural are deeply meaningful and significant. Symbols starting with names to birds, trains, and Wonderboy. The Natural does not hold back on the deeper meaning of “Everything happens for a reason.” The Natural is a book that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster where you can see yourself with each character and each choice they make. The Symbols in the book only shed a light on the things we all can experience in life from love, lost and discovering of who you are. The Natural is truly a symbolic
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