Summary Of Bernard Roth's 'The Achievement Habit'

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Out in the world, many try to achieve or accomplish and do great things in life but do not make that achievement happen causing them to fail. When they fail they do not know why they failed and do not know what to do about the failure. In the book The Achievement Habit, by Bernard Roth, he talks about how to educate people through striving in life and accomplishing things and being successful in life. He pushes people to their limit to achieve something that the person would not think of achieving. In chapter 2, “Reasons are Bullshit” Roth argues that reasons are excuses and they are stopping people from being their best that they can be. The excuses also stop them from being at the top of the podium that they are trying to be on top of. In the book Roth uses Aristotle’s…show more content…
Roth describes ethos in his book to send a message to his readers to trust the topics that they want to go out and take and achieve. Roth being a professor at Stanford University, one of his classes is to tell his students that they have one grade and that it is the final project. There project is to go out and achieve a goal that they have always thought of but also been afraid of trying. With his lessons and his writing, he creates lots of credibility, giving all sorts of lessons. With his lessons and writing it gives people a pathway in life and shows them a good path that fills their confidence and creates a better life. With his lessons people are being taught how to strive and he is giving confidence out to them all and building them up making their trust stronger. In the book Roth states “actions speak louder than reasons”. This quote shows that if you attempt and actually try that they will give off more power than just giving reasons or not attempting. Try to act upon an achievement will get you far in life because you can attempt and fail and try again, but learn from your mistakes and keep trying until your goal is
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